How might we envisage the next evolution/revolution for the design of binoculars?


Coursework at MA+MSc Innovation Design Engineering (Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art)

Team → Soma, Chloe, Fan, Hunaid

Duration → 2 Weeks

My Contributions →


The first two weeks of IDE (Innovation Design Engineering), we were challenged on our understanding of innovation and the means to achieve it.

To get comfortable with working rapidly in an academic setting without being too attached to any of our ideas, we were asked to innovate everyday objects (binoculars in our case) with an open brief as a starting point in two short sprints. The challenge was divided into two parts, EVO (evolution) and REVO (Revolution), each lasting a week.

What is EVO?

Evolution in this context was to innovate by making an incremental change to our product but within certain conventions. The three focus areas were UX, sustainability and manufacturing.

What is REVO?

With Revolution, the objective was to disrupt the space/product violently and come up with a new way to imagine the value the product delivers. We were encouraged to have an exploratory approach here.


The object we were assigned was a pair of Binoculars and the brief was to imagine how they could be improved for a family that likes doing outdoorsy things.

Brainstorming Sketches





We were asked to take apart a pair of binoculars, which provoked us to think about how they had been manufactured could've been assembled for better circularity. During brainstorming sessions, our focus was to generate a large quantum of ideas rather than quality.

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