In early 2020, while naively hoping for the Lockdown in Mumbai to end soon so I could move to London for my post-graduate education at the Royal College of Art, I was trying to seek opportunities in design studios to learn and build my practice. Eventually, my self-initiated projects helped me get noticed by Sudhir Bhatia, BRND Studio’s Creative Director. BRND, a team of 8 talented designers and researchers at that time, was the perfect place to learn and grow, as I was transitioning from being an engineer to a designer. While working at BRND, I explored the fundamentals of design research and rapid prototyping along with digital product design while collaborating with a multidisciplinary team.

Even though I had only planned on being at BRND for 3 months, the pandemic changed everything and I ended up spending a year as a UI/UX Designer and Illustrator. My time at BRND was spent working on a variety of projects including health-tech, data-collection/visualization, sustainable mobility, and more. Apart from the experience, I gained valuable insight into the world of design and what kind of work I am interested in undertaking.

Rather than discuss the specifics of my work at BRND, I will use this notion page to share three of the many things I learned while working with them, some of which might seem obvious, but not to me as a fresh engineering graduate pivoting into design as a career.

In retrospect, the year I spent at BRND has been pivotal to my career. It exposed me to the industry and its practices, and more importantly, allowed me to form strong relationships with the team of eight designers and researchers. The realization that design has the potential to impact and bring together people to solve the right problems has served as a strong inspiration.

Hunaid Nagaria




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