Product Renders and Visualisations

Product Renders and Visualisations

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<aside> ✨ Patent-Pending We’re very excited to share that the outcome of this project, Guerrilla, is now Patent-Pending with support from Innovation RCA.



Project outlining the development of Guerrilla, a device for roadside drains meant to seperate particulate pollution from surface water runoff.

Team → Summer Chen, Hunaid Nagaria, Adhesh Shenoy, Henry Parkin

Brief → How might we mitigate the damage to our aquatic eco-systems caused due to particulate pollution from surface-water runoff?

Duration → August 2022 - January 2023

Tools → Industrial Design (Blender, Fusion360), Computational Fluid Dynamics (SimScale), CAD Modelling, Design Research, Rapid Prototyping.

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Problem; Surface-Water Runoff Pollution

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